4:55 PM

The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb

This is so true for me at the moment. Every have that day ( or for me its days!) when you feel you could eat house and home?
I have those. But to me they seem some much worse then they actually are. Like today. I was planning on eating a nice healthy lunch. It consisted of brown rice and vegetables. Sounds good right. Till my hunger "monster" kicked in. So i decided to add some left over sausage and coat that in a nice "white sauce". Let's just say the nutrition value was thrown out the window. COMPLETELY.
Now I'm not concise about my weight at all. I just like to eat healthy. So I had a "eaters remorse moment" after eating lunch. I really hate those moments.
With that said, I'm eying the mixed salad bag in our fridge for tomorrow.
Now I'd also like to state I've NEVER had a "eaters remorse" moment when it comes to Chocolate. :)
And I do occasionally love a good McDonalds burger.


  1. I was with you until you stopped at McDonalds. I can not stand their burgers. I much prefer the King or stopping by to visit that redheaded girl Wendy. :)

  2. I haven't had eaters remorse after eating chocolate either! lol Have a blessed weekend!

  3. no remorse on chocolate. ever. :) thanks for the comment on my ballet! if i was super rich i'd fly you out here just to see it. ;)


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