Much ado about nothing

12:59 PM


so today is a nothing day. i watched nothing but morning television all morning long. I have no intention of getting out of my shorts and worn out tee anytime soon, even though its cold outside.
I have theses "nothing plans" because I truthfully have nothing to do. I have no school this week ( though there is a test i have to work on but its not hard) and i really don't have any plans till Christmas. I should watch what I'm writing cause my mother has all the power in the world to give me something
So i sit here listening to my Pandora radio stations chilling, hoping I'll feel better ( i ate eggs this morning and I need to remember that I CANNOT eat eggs in the morning cause they make me sick. i really don't know why but they do.)
That's my plan for the day. Here's hoping tomorrow isn't a exact copy of today.


  1. I'm sure I can think of SOMETHING for you to do..
    Let's see..
    vacuuming - dusting - cleaning the ashes out of the fireplace.. oh wait.. that's Cinderella .. and we don't have a fireplace..LOL!!

    Love you.. have a great nothing day!

  2. We spent all day in the snow and having an early Christmas with dear friends who are going to be in SC for Christmas. But I must say that I love nothing days too. So...well, nothing!

    By The Way, Tagged ya!

  3. Yes... you last post did send chills. I don't know, maybe I am just an over emotional person (I supprise myself). Anyhow, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and thank you for commenting on my blog :)


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