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I really don't like to write about movie's much ( i really don't know why, i just don't find them interesting to write )
But I REALLY wanted to share with you 2 movies i watched over the weekend.

Star Trek, yes i know this came out in May, I REALLY wanted tot see it in the movies but never got around to it. So I was ecstatic when i could get it on net-flixs. Trust me, you do not have to be a "trekie" to watch this :) I've only see 1 or 2 original star trek shows ( i'm more of a star wars type of gal) but i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this movie :)
Star Trek Pictures, Images and Photos

So over the weekend ( after i watch the movie above) I was in this " i want to watch romantic movie" kind of mood. I was so happy to see Mansfield Park on hulu. I read the book over the summer and was interested in seeing the movie. If you get a chance, head over to hulu and watch it. Its AMAZING. I love the Jane Austen novel movies, ( if they are done well) and this one was done AMAZING well. (as you can tell i like using the word amazing a lot)
I remember most of Mansfield Park ( the book), so don't quote me, since i think it went along with the book pretty well. Even if you haven't read the book, watch the movie its a great one :)
Mansfield Park Pictures, Images and Photos
(oh and Mansfield park does have PG rating but i would recommend that girls under the age of 13 wait, there are only 2 parts that i found somewhat, well, not what girls under the age of 13 should see, most girls above the age of 14 could handle it. I'm 16 and I found those parts to be fine because i read the book :) and truthfully its nothing compared to movies now a days)

( the movie is better quality the the trailer :) )
Oh and if your wondering i watch more then one romantic movie over weekend. I did. I watch Notting Hill :) another one of my favorites ;)

So that concludes my post about movies. Truthfully I don't know why i don't like writing about movies :) Maybe because its hard to write what i really think of the movies, and I don't know certain bloggers views about movies. But I really wanted to share theses since they were such good movies ;) And you think truthfully I should be writing about christmas movies, but of course i'm not ;) I have 2 many favorites to pick from :)


  1. I rushed to the theater when Star Trek was released. There are certain movies that are made for the big screen, this is one of them. I especially liked how the casting director made every effort to capture the essence of the original Star Trek crew. I think any trekky would be happy with the characterizations depicted in this latest Star Trek film. I do hope it starts the franchise over again with some new and exciting adventures to boldly go where no man has gone before.

    As with most of the Star Trek franchise good wins out over evil and gives the viewer a reason to root for the good guys.

    I too, like you Samantha, am a Star Wars fan. But I did enjoy Star Trek 2009 version.


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