A lack of bloggin

1:02 PM

I apologize for the bloggin, or the lack there of ;) Its partially because, I haven't found the time, and well, i just didn't feel like blogging ( and I had nothing to blog about).
So please bear with me as this is a totally random post and I have not control of how many times i jump from different subjects. LOL.

Gators won this weekend!!!!

Tim Tebow Pictures, Images and Photos

I bought a new pair of soffe's! though if I wear red with them, I look like Christmas :P cause there green :)

soffe. Pictures, Images and Photos

And to top off the weekend, I had my favorite drink ever! ( besides Moca Frapichinos) Passion Fruit lemonade.

Passion Tea Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Oh football :P LOL That tea looks great! I'll have to remember that.

    Oh and I still have some of those cookies, but I think they'd be stale by the time you got them ;)

  2. I LOVE passionfruit lemonade. Delicious!

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