You may not know this...

5:27 PM

You may not know this, But I'm a HUGE country girl at heart.

I was raised on a farm for 4 years ( most of my childhood). Hence the white horse in the picture below, he was ours ;). We also had, 30 some chickens, 4 cows, a couple"borrowed" pony's from my riding teacher,1 donkey, and 2 rabbits.

Anyway, living on a farm wasn't the only thing that made me a country girl
( though it did toughen me up a little bit, i can, not proudly, say that I've steeped in so much poo, that poo, from any type of animal doesn't bug me at all...)
I grew up watching NASCAR, and some of my favorite memories are belting out country songs on the radio with my mom. I also love plaid tops (see picture below) and fashion cowgirl boots ( though i don't own a pair). I still have my cow girl hat we bought at an auction and I believe I started the trend of weird boots with skirts ( but mine were mutter boots).

Looking at me, you wouldn't know all this. But I think that's in the fun of making friends, your always finding out something new.


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