Who said Museums aren't fun?

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So Saturday after being cooped up in the house for 5 days due to a constent rain here in the SUNSHINE state :) My family took a trip out to Shopping center/mall/movie theater/ were everyone goes on the weekend. We ( last minute) decided to go see Night of the Museum 2,
1. because we LOVED the first one,
2. well i think #1 is a good excuse as any....

Anyway since i get a lot of comments on my reviews, with out further ado here is my review on

Night of the Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian

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Things have been going quite swimmingly for Larry Daley since movie audiences last saw him in Night at the Museum. The former museum security guard has moved on to bigger things—namely, huge success as an inventor and CEO of his gadget company, Daley Devices. But Larry's still got a soft spot for his old buddies back at New York's Museum of Natural History. So when he stops in to say hello one evening, Larry is disturbed to discover that his comrades have been packed into wooden crates and are awaiting a truck to transport them to their new home: the Smithsonian's "Federal Archives." And they're going without the tablet.
Or so Larry thinks.
The next you know, Larry receives a frantic call from Washington. It's Jedediah. Somehow, the clever capuchin monkey from the first film managed to steal the tablet before they were shipped off. And so everything and everyone in the Smithsonian's 19 cavernous buildings has come alive.
Paintings. Sculptures. Planes. Rockets. Amelia Earhart. Abraham Lincoln. General George Custer. Rallying the baddies is a flamboyantly eeeviiilll pharaoh named Kahmunrah. Not only does he aspire to become Supreme Grand Über Leader of All Things Smithsonian.
Only Larry and an unlikely band of historical allies, Miss Earhart chief among them, stand between the crazed pharaoh and his dark dreams.

My Review -
This movie is SUCH a step up from some of the "trashy, raunchy and just plane weird" movies that are or have been come out * though i will say Hollywood is getting better, and somewhat cleaner*. There are pro's and cons to this movie.

Larry's relationship with his son is SOO much better then in the first.
There are more characters that come to life in the Smithsonian and other Museums around Washington which makes the movie more interesting.

Amy Adams take on Amelia Earhart is Brilliant .

( oh and a pro that my excited some JoBro fans, they have a little cameo as 3 cupid angels)


The movie seemed to try TO hard for laughs, you could tell they were going for funny lines but weren't succeeding.
In the begining of the movie it seems to drag on just a tad ( but all movies tend to do that someway or another)

Altogether this is a great movie and shouldn't be missed.


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