Eggrolls anyone?

12:41 PM

I must be on a Asian thing this week, I wrote about a Japanese prank yesterday and now I'm making egg rolls today :)
Every now and then I like to make homemade egg rolls. Dont they look so yummy, Now if only i can learn how to make sweet and sour chicken, I could make my own Chinese meal!


Wanna make some?
Here is what you need and what to do,
1 bag of cole slaw mix
A bag of Egg Roll Wraps ( you can usually find these in your produce isle, its near the tofo stuff at my store)
Soy Sauce
Cooking Oil
And A pot of Fry daddy to cook them in.

First you want to put your cole slaw mix in a bowl and add some soy sauce to it, I usually eye it, I put enough soy sauce so it is covering all the cole slaw. Then take you egg roll wrap and put it on the table in front of you so that it looks like a diamond. Now wet you figures and wet down each corner. Put about a spoon full or half ( depending on the size of the spoon) in the middle of your wrap. Roll it upwards and close the 2 open edges on the sides.
Make sure you put water on the corners so there not going to fall apart when you go to cook them. Next your going put oil in a pot, again, i dont really measure, I have a Fry Daddy soo it is already marked of how much oil you put in. If your going to do it in a pot I would 1/4 to 1/3 off the bottom with oil. The oil needs to be about 375 degrees. Place as many egg rolls as you can, but remember that your going to half to flip the egg rolls, soo leave enough room to do that. I dont have a set time that it will take, again, i just eye it till i think its done. Remember to flip them half way through cooking so the other side can get cooked also. When your done, place them on a plate with a paper towel to dry.

So there is your home economic lesson for the day :)

So there is your home economic lesson for the day :)


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