Summer Allergy Remedies For Your Dog

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Summer allergies don't just affect us, they also affect our fur babies. I sometimes feel our pup battles allergies almost 10x worse then we do.
Poor guy sheds that winter coat and it's all the itching and all the time.

Now, I'm not the type of dog owner to rush my pup to the vet every time he starts to itch. We try our best to treat at home first. It saves us money and saves Bruno the anxiety of going to the vet.
There are a lot of holistic remedies that I have found work for our pup.
I'm not a vet so if you feel any of these suggestions may affect your pet differently, contact your vet. What may work for Bruno (who is a 70lb Rhodesian/Shepard Mix ) may not work for smaller pups.

Summer Allergy Remedies For Your Dog

Coconut Oil - it's good for EVERYTHING, even your pup. It great to lather on your dog where he itches the most. And its safe for them to ingest if they start to lick. If they really like it, you can add it to their food as well.

Aleo Vera - is also good for dogs, but make sure to buy a pet safe version (like this). Aleo Vera is not safe for their tummies so make sure you buy a pet safe aloe vera product! I find this is good for heat rashes on thinner haired dogs.

Dog Wipes - I always love to grab Pet Wipes while I'm at TJ Maxx, but you can get them pretty much anywhere. They are a great way to wipe off the allergens that dogs bring in with them from outside.

Summer Allergy Remedies For Your Dog

Anti Itch Sprays - I find these work the best when Brunos scratched himself too much and he's started to bleed (it happens around his face often). Burt's Bees (which make some of my favorite dog products), has a great anti-itch spray. I've also purchased a spray at the pet store with an antiseptic in it to help heal up the cuts.

Shirts and Cover-Ups - I've found keeping the itch spots covered helps deter itching. Bruno has accumulated many of my old shirts into his own collection. If you don't have many shirts that fit your dog (or you don't want to share), Amazon always has some cute dog clothing options.

Brunos never had the tummy for the OTC allergy pills. I know many have suggested it as a cure-all for his allergies but I'd rather use all my remedies for proactive care first.
But if it works for your pup, by all means, use the OTC allergy pills.

Washing your dog regularly will also help with allergy season. You never want to wash them too much because it will dry out their skin, but you want to keep them washed enough that a nice soothing shampoo with keep them feeling fresh, clean, and itch-free.

From "Use a specially formulated dog shampoo and work into a lather. (Human shampoos typically have a higher pH, which can dry a dog’s skin.) Or make your own gentle shampoo [read also: DIY dog beauty: 5 pet shampoos you can make at home]. Be careful not to get any shampoo into her eyes or ears. (source)
Summer Allergy Remedies For Your Dog
Does your dog suffer too? What home remedies do you use on your pup?


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