Do's and Don'ts of Instastories For Bloggers

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One of my goals this year is to share more Lifestyle and Social Media content here on the blog. As a soon to be University of Florida Telecom grad I am super inspired to share my knowledge in the social media field and hope it helps you! 
I am in no way a professional. Social Media is an ever-evolving field so I am learning new things every day! 

When instastories was first introduced, I knew this was going to change the social media game.
Yes it was similar to snapchat but let's be real, Instagram is just so much more "aesthetically" pleasing.
I know many hate that word but that is what Instagram is, it is a cleaner and more appealing social media platform.

As bloggers, using Instagram and InstaStories is SO important to our brand.
Instastories especially gives followers and future brand collaborators a peek into your daily and personal life. So it's so important if you want to put yourself out there to put yourself out there the right way, and in a way that will make you appealing to brands!

Here are my Do's and Don't of InstaStories for Bloggers 

Do: Post throughout the day
With the growing popularity of instastories by all users, it's hard to stay in that top 3 or 4 icons at the top of any Instagram page. By posting throughout the day it will keep your stories towards the front of the line on everyone's feeds.

Don't: Overshare
While sharing is important, is it also important not to overshare. Nothing turns away followers or brand partners then having to tap through too many Instastorie pictures and video. Keep it short and simple.

Tip: To avoid oversharing, break up your day.
 If your spending time outside in the morning, capture just a photo or two of your time in the garden.
Instead of videoing what you are eating for lunch, snap a photo and use fonts to create appealing photos for followers to read.  

Do: Be Yourself
No one likes a fake instagramer. If you like to dance while you cook, video it. If your dog is doing something adorable, share it (come one, everyone LOVES dogs on Instagram). Be yourself.

Don't: Get too personal
Now, this isn't to say if you have something to say you shouldn't say it. We all have amazing First Amendment rights that allow us to share our thoughts. But if you are someone wanting to work with companies in the future you may want to be careful. One thing that I personally don't like to see on Instastories is people who share content that is either random or treat it like snapchat. Remember if your a blogger, brands are watching you. Be yourself but don't share so much of your life that it overtakes your brand.

Good to know: 70% of Employers are looking at your social profiles before they hire you.*
This also goes for brands that may be checking your socials out.
Ask yourself, if you were a brand. Would you want to work with you? 

Do: Share visually pleasing content.
Is that photo of your lunch bland? Add a filter, pop some color around the font. Even on videos put SOMETHING on there to catch people's eye. Instagram's new GIF feature is PERFECT for adding something small but visually appealing to your post.
Need a fun background for a text post? Use Canvas Instastories template. It's perfect for this.

Don't: Overuse the tools
It's always nice to have those colorful stories but don't put so much that it clutters your image. Your image should shine through the Instagram tools you use.

Tip: Chose just one of two tools per post. 
This will keep your images looking clean and not overcluttered while also catching a viewers eye as they tap through.

Do: Utilize Highlights
This is a great way as a content creator to keep your stories organized. I know as a blogger, it's a great way to keep certain posts/content I'm passionate about relevant and easy to access. 

Don't: Have too many Highlights.
Yes, use highlights! But focus on the content you'd want followers to see. If you were a follower of a brand, what kind of content would you want to see? Narrow it down to just a handful so your followers aren't having to scroll through too many. 

Do: Check yourself!
I'm guilty of NOT following this. I am the grammar fail QUEEN!
Always check your story before you post it. Check for grammar, and check your background. You may be forgetting that bra you had hanging on the door in the background ;) 

Don't: Post willy-nilly
This goes along with the Don't: Get to personal. If you posting willy-nilly, be careful. Maybe you posted a story where you cussed a little or said something harsh. A brand may not want to work with you because you just don't care what people think. If you want to work with brands in the future, you need to think about them. Representing yourself in the best light.

Tip: People don't realize how EASY it is to sue for defamation from a social media post.
See this article. (this is a very crazy example but gives you an idea)
By taking the time to make sure all your ducks are in a row, 
that your grammar is good, may save you from dealing with the law.

Like I said, I am not a professional, but I feel these are some important tips for any blogger to follow.
If you have any question from this post or suggestions for my next social media post feel free to tweet me @SimplySamanthaC or comment below.


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