5 Tips For Choosing a House Color

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Recently we had some construction done to our house due to Hurrican Irma last September. While we weren't quite ready for any sort of remodeling on our home, it was a nice push to get us to do some things we've been wanting to do for a while.
Such as painting the exterior of our house.

During the process of painting, I had a lot of people ask me how I decided on what color to paint our exterior.
First off, it wasn't easy. But I found some different tactics that helped me narrow down a color.
So, if you are in the process of exterior painting and need some help on finding the right color, I got you!

1. Swatches. All the Swatches.
What really helped me narrow down my choices were having those huge color swatch books and fan decks. Our contractor had some on hand for me but if you don't have access to one I suggest going to a paint store and see about getting one. The smaller 3 color swatches you get from Lowes or Home Depot will work too but if you can get a hold of one of the big books I highly suggest it.

 Take the swatches outside and stand a good couple feet from your house and hold up the swatch.
This will allow you to see the color in the sunlight which will look different then if you hold it inside.

2. Get inspired.
Look around! Look around! (sorry not sorry for the Hamilton reference).
Think back to your travels. Dive into some designer books and magazines. 
The inspiration of our house came from our trip to Ireland. What many consider a "beachy" look here is more of a traditional look over there. We would drive through these small Irish towns and each building was a different color. And the colors weren't always the traditional tan, white, or grey. Some of them had colors that popped without being overbearing. 
That's how I came up with our house color. I didn't want it to be too dark and to make our house look smaller then it already is, but I wanted it to have that nice color without making our neighbors question our sanity. ;)
Get inspiration wherever you can get it! 
Don't forget about your roof! 
Sometimes it's not possible to find the "right" color to match your roof but try to get something that doesn't look too off.
(Waterford, a small harbor town filled with so much color!) 

3.Don't rely on Pinterest
I LOVE Pinterest and it definitely helped me along color wise but don't always trust how it looks on there. Lighting effects color A LOT. So what may look good on Pinterest may not look good in the sunlight.

4. Hire a professional... if you can.
We went back and forth on whether or not we wanted to hire a painter. However, our house is old with a lot of details so we decided to hire a professional. It's not cheap but its worth it if your house is going to require a lot of effort.
If there are small things you can paint yourself that may help you save money.
We decided we could paint our small backyard shed by ourselves and our porch railing. 
That saved us a couple hundred dollars

5. Be Confident in your choice
I struggle with this so much! I am the second-guessing queen! But when it comes down to it, if you love the color, don't second guess it! Be confident in your color choice! 

I know all those tips are very simple but when it comes down too it, chose the color your love and the color that looks good on your house. A new paint job really gives a house new life.

So you are probably wondering. What color IS our house? Our house color is called Jasper Stone (SW9133) with a white trim and Charcoal Blue (SW2739) accent color on the Shaker shingles. The Front Door color is called Polished Mahogany (SW 2838)

I know this post is a little different then what I typically post.
One of my goals this year is to share more Lifestyle and Social Media content here on the blog! Don't worry, I'll still be posting recipes! 


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