Build-a-bar with The Bar Shack

9:00 AM

*I was given a gift code to make the bars in exchange for a review for Bar Shack. Opinions are 100% my own

I personally love a good protein bar. Having food allergies has turned my purse into a mom purse as I always have a snack on hand. My go-to is good protein bar that helps fill me up when I need something to snack on!

I was contacted by the team at Bar Shack and they asked if I wanted to make my own bar. 
I was super intrigued! 
Before I tell you about my experience. Here is a little about the company from their website: is the one-stop-shop for custom, high quality, personalized protein bars. Made to order…just how you want ‘em. 

Yup, that’s right, if you’re looking for a high-quality protein bar, you don’t have to waste your time messing around in the kitchen and eating bars out of ziplock baggies. Using our advanced online “Bar Building” tool, you can just tell us which ingredients you want, and we’ll make them for you, package them, and ship them right to your doorstep. Pretty cool, huh? 
Keeping an eye on your macros? We got you. Watch your nutrition chart update LIVE as you add or remove ingredients from your custom recipe. That same nutrition chart gets printed onto the back of all your individual protein bar packages.

Cool right! I have 2 things I REALLY loved about this experience -
1.The site is SUPER user-friendly. Each ingredient has a great description and even tells you if the ingredient has gluten in it or not (which is so important for me).
2. The macro counter on the site is genius! It will show you all the calories, protein, etc etc.. as you build your bar. I pay attention to that stuff (I'm a professional label reader) so having it there was so helpful in creating the best bar for me!

I didn't plan on making them for my husband but he loved them so much I've thrown one in his lunchbox every day this week! It's the perfect power snack for him in the afternoon.
My bar has a nice chewy and soft base with some cashew butter and peanut butter added in there. My favorite additions were the cacao nibs for a chocolaty taste along with some dried apple and banana for a nice crunch. 

I highly recommend The Bar Shack if you are interested in creating your very on bars! This would be a great way to have a fun snack, promote your brand, or even make them as a gift for your foodie friend! 

For more information check out their website:

What kind of bar would you make!? 
I'd love to know! 

*I was given a gift code to make the bars in exchange for a review for Bar Shack. Opinions are 100% my own


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