Cranberry Whiskey Sour | Gluten Free Fall CockTail

8:00 AM

I'm not one for casual drinking. But coming from a strong Irish heritage, I would be lying if I didn't say I enjoy a good whiskey.

A good Irish Whiskey. 
Whiskey is just so versatile how could you not love it! I love this sweet Whiskey Sour inspired by Skinny Pop because it pairs PERFECTLY with their cheddar popcorn.

I'm a huge fan of Skinny Pop...

Especially their Skinny Pop Cheddar popcorn. It's VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE, two of my favorite things! Their popcorn is also
No Artificial Ingredients
Peanut Free
Tree Nut Free
No Artificial Flavors
Zero Transfat

This drink is a perfect pairing with the cheddar popcorn, a lovely fall candle, as you lay on the couch surrounded by decor pumpkins. Because who doesn't love a good decor pumpkin to display in the fall!
If you didn't know Jameson is gluten-free from what I've read and seen (I toured the Dublin Jameson Factory). Their distillation process takes out the gluten component making it safe for those living a gluten-free lifestyle.
However, I know everyone is different in their gluten free/celiac life so please take what I say with a grain of salt. I know I am able to drink Jameson but other may not. So just be careful. 


  1. Looks good. We will have to make this alongside the Irish Coffee at Christmas!


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