Aroma Foundry Essential Oil Review

9:00 AM

Watch the video for my review of the oils they sent me along with what I used them for!
I wanted to make sure I accurately talked about Aroma Foundry which is why I waited to share their information here in typed out words. Because like I said in the video, I type better then I talk.. most of the time.. ;)

About Aroma Foundry (from their website)

Aroma Foundry was created to bring the scents of the world into your home and end any debate over what each essential oil varietal should smell like. By focusing on sourcing NATIVE OILS, we eliminate questions of whether each scent smells like it should. We source oils where they are first known to have appeared, therefore they represent the true essence of the plant ingredient. We do not source from China and India, where it's hard to verify the question and supply chain of the ingredients. Much of our collection of high-end oils was grown in USA and acquired at a premium price. We do not pass on this cost to the consumer. Our sourcing, warehouse, and supply chain efficiency experience to sell high-end oils at prices competitive with the low-to-medium end of the market. 

I love their oils. They are reasonable priced and I found many of the scents were stronger and better then ones I had in my essential oil cabinet already.

You can purchase their essential oils here! 
If you order some let me know what you think!?


  1. I have been wanting to try essential oils for awhile now! The lavender would be really nice!

  2. The lime and grapefruit sound awesome for Summertime!
    -Sarah Spanos


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