5 Ways to Survive the End of a Semester

10:08 AM

Friends, the end of semester is upon me. The recipe posts have come to a halt. All my energy has been poured into final studying, project creating, and graphic designing. And boy can I feel it.

I knew it was coming two weeks ago when a head cold invaded my body and it has stuck around. My stress level has been high and my immune level has been low.

I have been thinking of some things I've been doing to help keep my sanity andI thought I would share them with you today!

1. Keep that immune system up

-now I'm not saying eat ALL THE HEALTHY THINGS. Trust me, the chick fil a milkshake and french fries I ate last night does not support this tip. But find the little things that help keep your immune system up. Maybe its a smoothie, or for me, its supplements like Elderberry that I take daily during crazy stressful times. 

2. Cry

Sometimes you just need to cry it out. I'm HORRIBLE at this. I like to think I can keep it all in then one day a straw breaks my camels back and I'm done and I let it all out. Bless my husband because those are not his favorite days

3. Plan it out

Space out the work. Granted this only works if you are like me and feel like you work better over time then all at once. But if you have multiple things due, spread that work out, even if it's doing little bit every day, it will help your sanity.

4. Find the time to relax

Planning it out will help you find more time to relax. I like to plan most of my work/school work for the morning, so in the afternoon I can focus on easier work. Then, by the time the evening comes I have time to relax, watch TV, and spend time with the husband of pup.

5. Don't be the last minute perfectionist

I do this all the time. You know, when you look at the grading rubric and you compare it to your work to make sure it's perfect. I've given myself so many anxiety attacks this way. It is good to make sure it is meeting requirements, but find that line and don't drive yourself crazy trying to perfect the assignments.

Good Luck to all my other fellow college students finishing up their semesters!! 


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