5 Last Minute Irish Meals for St.Patty's Day

8:30 AM

I can hear my Irish ancestors rolling over in their grave when they hear me say that I forgot about St.Patricks day till about a week ago. Even then, I've still dragged my feet trying to decide what I'm going to make for St. Patty's dinner.

I've come up with a few ideas that I'm going to share with y'all! 
Hopefully these recipes get you in the St.Patricks Day mood!

Gluten-Free Ranch Potato Biscuits | Healthy Helper @Healthy_Helper A healthy take on a carb-filled favorite! Ranch-flavored, creamy tasting biscuits with the added softness of potatoes and the doughiness of gluten-free oat flour. The perfect addition to your holiday table or dinner menu for the week!
Potatoes and Biscuits. Two of my favorite things!
Kaila over at Healthy Helper blog has my heart with some of her unique recipes such as this one! Super simple and quick too!
Want to be adventurous and try something traditionally Irish with a twist? 
How about Jessica's Braised Red Cabbage and Apples with Maple and Tyme! It's almost to pretty to eat! 
Colcannon - classic Irish dish:
I think a traditional potato dish is calling my name! Some Colcannon is definitely on the menu for Friday night! 
I love the simplicity of this recipe! I may make this on another night just 'cause'!

photo property of blogger missinthekitchen
Lastly everyone needs a good slow cooker recipe! I made this last year for St.Partricks Day. It was a hit with the husband!

I hope these recipes inspired you!
And I hope you have an amazing St. Patricks Day!


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