Paying It Forward with StonyField

7:30 AM

As a part of the StonyField clean plate blogger program, I was given a gift card to donate to the charity of my choice. Opinions are 100% my own. 

StonyField, being the wonderful company that they are, gave me the awesome opportunity to pay it forward this Christmas season by providing a way to donate to my favorite charity.

I chose the rescue that brought us our sweet little boy Bruno, Florida Pointer Rescue.
(photo via FPR)
On December 6, 2014 Steve and I went to an adoption day run by Florida Pointer Rescue to look at dogs. We had one in mind that we saw online, but when we arrived that dog had been already been rescued by a different family. We walked down the line of kennels and saw this little ball of brown cuddled up in the corner of a kennel. Steve picked him up and the rest is history.

I think supporting local rescues is a great thing. They do so much and provide so much joy to people that they sometimes get overlooked. They also keep sweet puppies and dogs from spending their days locked up in a shelters and kill shelters.

If Florida Pointer Rescue never picked up our little pup he would have never been a part of our lives. 
What people don't know is that Bruno has actually be a great comfort for my husband who is an army veteran.
While Bruno is in no way trained to by a military service dog, I don't deny the fact he is aware when my husband needs him and has been so beneficial to his mental health. As a wife, that is a great blessing.
Sometimes nothing is better then the love of a dog and Bruno definitely has a lot of love to give.
So, Thank you Florida Pointer Rescue, I hope the couple of pounds of dog food and treats I was able to send you was a blessing to you and your pups this holiday season! May you continue to bless families with lifelong doggie companions!
And thank you StonyField for giving me the opportunity to give back to a rescue that give so much to others.


  1. This is so sweet! We rescued our babies too, and we make sure to donate to the Tampa Bay Humane Society throughout the year. Your baby is so cute!

  2. This is a beautiful post!! Glad to call him our grandpuppy for sure.


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