5 *Healthy* Tips For Stocking up for the Storm

8:57 AM

If you didn't already know, I live in the lovely state of Florida. Known for beautiful beaches, Mickey Mouse, and Hurricanes.

We live close enough to the beach that our town was hit pretty hard during the hurricane. No as hard as they expected but hit nevertheless.

This was the first major storm that I had to prepare for as an adult, on my own, with my husband and our pup. It was a little daunting to say the least. Add in my healthy and gluten free lifestyle and I was a little overwhelmed. 

We made sure we had the essentials and were ready to go when the storm hit. 
So here are some of my own tips for preparing for the storm, whether it will be a snow storm, hurricane, or just stocking up just in case. 

1. Fill up those jars!
Fill up those mason jars with water! We lucked out being on city water that we had easy access to water but I still made sure we had water just in case. I filled up every mason jar I owned. Kept some on the counter and some in the fridge.
NOTE: do NOT put them in the freezer. I lost two mason jars because they broke when we lost power and the freezer lost its coolness :( 

2. Hit the local health food store
When everyone hears a storm is coming, they head straight for the big stores. But don't forget about the little guys! My local health food store had so many items I could use and needed and was running special deals for the storm.
Also don't forget some veggeis and fruits don't have to be stored in the fridge. So you can still have those whole foods with no power

3. Food for Gas
For GAS STOVE OWNERS. You can still use gas without power. You have to kind of McGyver it by holding a lighter to the burner, but you can run the stove. So, I thought of everything I could make on the stove. Gluten free ramen, pasta, and quinoa. All stuff I picked up at the health food store. I ate Lotus Food Ramen for lunch for 3 days straight. I have no regrets.

4.Coffee Coffee
I know coffee can be tricky for those that don't have a gas stove so I have two tips. 
Gas Stove: Make sure you have a single cup coffee maker (like this one) so you can make at least one cup to get you through the day. I love mine, it was so helpful.
No Gas Stove: Get a thermos! Right before the storm hits make a full pot and throw it in a thermos! Don't forget about the cold brew!

5. Splurge
Its hard to stay healthy with no power. So don't be afraid to splurge on easy, non-cooking items. I made sure I grabbed some snack bars and treats. Well not healthy, they made me feel better during the storm.

I hope none of you every have to experience a big storm. But if you do, I hope these tips help! 
Do you have any other tips?? I'm always curious to hear others tips! Always on the lookout for something new! 


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