Game Day Recipe Round-Up

7:30 AM

It is that time of year... football season is upon us!! Which means time for delicious foods and snacks to make for those Saturday and Sunday's on the couch or at a party.

Below are some of my own recipes that I think would be perfect for your game day party for 2 or 10! I also included some of my other favorite recipes from fellow bloggers!

Bean Chili
- Come October, this chili will become a staple in our house! It's super easy and cheep to make that you can't pass it up! Plus it can feed a ton on a small budget!

Potato Salad - Dairy Free -
This recipe is my husbands personal favorite. It's tangy with big chunks of potatoes that I love. One 3 pound bag can feed a good group of friends!

We are having these this week for dinner and I can't be more excited! I love these burgers! Just two sweet potatoes (white or regular) makes enough for 4 people! 

Taco Chicken Bowls-
A great crock pot recipe for those days the craving for mexican food is real!

From Others:

Healthy *Plant Based* Layered Dip
-I loved this recipe! It was so good! You wouldn't even know the ground "beef" wasn't beef at all! 

Cauliflower Wings
-I was hesitant to make this recipe. Mostly because I was turned off by the words Buffalo. But in a live QandA video Lauren did, she encouraged me that I could use BBQ sauce instead of buffalo and make BBQ "wings". They turned out so good! I want to make them again cause they were so simple and tasty! 

I've made this recipe before. Its not super "Dairy-Free" friendly but I can see you using dairy free sour cream to lessen the dairy! Its a great game day dip!
(sorry no photo ;) )

Have any other good game day recipes??? I want to hear them!


  1. Thanks for including my layered dip. All the only recipes look delicious too.


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