July Favorites

7:00 AM

Mason Jar Snacks
I saw someone do this on Instagram and I was inspired! It's so simple to do! Just some cut up vegetables and hummus! And I mean, doesn't everything look better in a mason jar?

Online Boutique Shopping:
I've become slightly obsessed with boutique shopping online! Especially ones that offer free shipping and great discounts! I HATE paying for shipping. Anyone else?? Plus the more local the boutique the better!
Here are a few of my favorites!
A Cut Above : I love this one because its local and supplies all my University of Florida needs! 
I can't get enough!
: Sophie and Trey : Also another great local shop with a ton of innovatory! 
I love this game day shirt here!
Impressions : this shop has the BEST selection of dresses! 
They have great sales that I keep an eye out for every year.

Sun Tea:
Friends! This is the EASIEST way to make sweet/unsweet tea. Especially in the south where it is horribly hot all day, making sun tea takes like 30 minutes top! I just followed this recipe here!

Silk Dairy Free Yogurt
I LOVE finding great tasting dairy free foods. While I don't really have any real issue with dairy (other then bloated-ness), I try to stay as dairy free as possible. These yogurts are a gift sent from heaven! They are my go to afternoon snack because they are packed with protein to help me get through those horrible afternoon sweet cravings.

Side Note: I'm kind of upset my local grocery store doesn't have the Black Cherry or Tropical flavor! 
I need these, and the 24oz containers, in my life! 

Honorable Mentions
To Read: The Wrath of Dawn
To Watch: The Shannara Chronicals (netflix)
Recipe: Pad Thai


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