June Favorites | 2016 |

7:30 AM

Tea Bag Holders
I wrote on my instagram that I'm pretty sure these tea holders will inspire me to drink more tea, especially come fall and winter time. My favorite is the "Drop it like its Hot" ;)
I picked up these little cuties for $1.99 at World Market!

Almay Intense I-color
I LOVE this mascara! It's smooth, hardly ever clumpy, and perfect for my eye color. While not all of Almay's products are perfect, this mascara is hypoallergenic and rated at a 2 on EWG Skin Deep! Score!
A new addition to my Pop! collection. This little fella fits into my little shelf collection very nicely. Next to his buddy Po and Rey.

Picnic Table
All I wanted for my birthday was blinds for our windows in our backroom and some type of patio furniture for outside. My wonderful parents got me this super simple and lovely picnic table! I do plan to paint it at some point. But as anyone in the south knows, right now it is horribly hot to do any type of work outside and its rains daily. So, it might be awhile before it gets a needed paint job.

Honorable Mentions
To Read: Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas
To Binge (Hulu): The Musketeers (A MUST WATCH)


  1. Cute post. Love how Bruno works his way into the pictures!


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