May Favorites

8:00 AM

Ok, friends, here's the deal. I was walking around the house trying to think of new things I bought that I could use in a favorite's post.

Nothing friends, nothing.
So I thought I'd change it up and share some of my favorite blogger friendly online resources you should be using! 
May Favorites
This is a great simple way to start scheduling your content. I'm HootSuite Certified but I actually prefer Buffer for personal blogging/branding. HS is great for more then one person content managing. Buffers simple platform offers more easy to use customizations and add ons.

Love twitter? You'll love Tweet Deck. This is a great way to manage your mentions, tweets, feed, even twitter parties. It refreshes automatically which I love!

Edit those photos!
Utilize Canva and Picmonkey to edit your photos! Need a photo, Pexels and are my favorites. Content is KEY in the Social Media World. If you don't have SOMETHING visual with your facebook post or tweet, it is going to get passed by.

No, I didn't misspell that. IFTTT (If This Than That) is great for many things. What do I use it for? For posting my instagram picture to twitter (it will actually show the photo instead of a link). And posting a pinable image to Pinterest from a recently posted blog post. You can do SO much! Just check it out!

Follow Social Media Professionals:
There are some GREAT people to follow on FB and Twitter that you can learn from and find out new and great blogging resources. If you ever want some good suggestions, shoot me a tweet or comment here on the blog! I'd love to send you some good suggestions! Right now go to Social Media Examiner and follow them on all the SM. They are such a great resource and post frequently! 


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