Fish Fix | The Bible Stories David | Review

7:00 AM

Bet you didn't know that I did movies review here on the blog too?? I do! I'll admit I favor more food and life posts but I never shy away from new content for this blog!
FishFlix  is a great resource for family friendly movies at great prices! I know working in ministry that it's always great to find sites that offer amazing deals and offers on family friendly films.

Fish Fix | The Bible Stories David | Review
Right now they have a great deal on The Bible Stories. These are great for a movie night at home with the family or also to keep your ministries film library stocked! I got a chance to watch the David story which I thought was great! I mean, can you go wrong with Lenard Nimoy??

Want an even better deal? Join their email list and get a $5 coupon! You can joing by visiting or texting 5-GIFT to 44222

Like I said, this site is a great resource if you are looking for amazing family films for a great place. It's also a great place for ministries as well! Give em a check out!

*discloser* Fish Flix sent me a copy of The Bible Stories in exchange for a review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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