23 Facts.

7:00 AM

Well, it's that time again. It's my birthday! I kept thinking about what I should post this week and since I had such a busy schedule last week I have NO food post's lined up.. All I could come up with was listing 23 (since I'm turning 23) random facts about myself that you may or may not find interesting.

1. I'm proud of my star wars, marvel, disney, and sports knowledge. 

2. I'm ambidextrous. I write and eat with my left hand but I use my right hand for everything else. If need be I can eat with my right hand.
3.Everyone assumes because I work with kids that I want kids. But I'm pretty set on accomplishing some personal goals before kids. I want kids... just not right now... I have to keep reminding people I'm 23 and have time ;) 

4. .... I do really like kids though. And I think my husband and I will had adorable babies. I mean..Look at us! 

5. Anything Disney makes me giddy like a little girl. 

6. I'm a full on belly sleeper. 

7. A morning without coffee is not a good morning. 

8. Joanna Gains is my spirt animal. Farm and all.  

9.I thought it would be easy to write this type of post but it's not. 

10. My favorite food is Mexican food. 

11. I have this weird thing where I get anxious if people continually talk and I don't know when they are going to stop.

12. I've officially lived in Florida longer then I lived up north. I'm from the south and you can't change that! 

13. I love to read. I am oblivious to the rest of the world when I read. And sometimes its hard to get me out of a book if its a good one. Just call me a Gilmore.

14. I'm a cooker not a baker.

15. I'm a hypochondriac of a dog mom. It doesn't help that Bruno hurts himself once a week. 

16. Don't give me a bag of Cheetos. I'll eat the whole bag. 

17. My Starbucks order is grande half-caf ice latte with soy. HOWEVER, I'm becoming a coffee snob and prefer the local coffee roast in town.

18. I have no problem eating Chipotle more then once a week. 

19. I don't like it when people scrape a fork or knife on a plate. I feel the cringe. 

20. Poop, blood, or snot doesn't scare me or make me gag. Guess that's why I'm good with kids ;) 

21. I'm afraid when we do eventually make it over to Ireland for a visit, I will not want to come home. 

22. I am introverted by nature so I consider my social skills sub-par 

23. I really can't think of a last one. So Happy Birthday to me! 


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