Staying Healthy After The Wedding

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I don't know about you, but about a month into marriage I knew my body had changed and not just weight wise. It amazes me how our bodies know when life changes and adapts accordingly. Its crazy! God's quite imaginative!

As I transition out of the newlywed stage, I've learned some things that have helped me along the way as my body transitioned from single to married and tackled new things and environments.

Side Note: I did not live with my husband till our wedding day. 
I also saved myself for that day, so this is all based off my experience.

Staying Healthy After The Wedding
I got the flu about 2 months into our marriage, when I went into the doctors she looked at me and asked me if I had started taking any type of daily supplements since we had gotten married.
She went on to tell me I should start taking daily supplements in order to help my immune system. Being a very fresh newlywed, while amazing and great, can sometimes take your body off guard with the new environment and germs that comes with it. And if you're not prepared (like I was) it can hit your body hard.
So what kind of supplements should you be taking...
A GOOD basic multi-vitamin for women
Fish Oil
Echinacea and GoldenSeal - Great immune booster!
Vitamine C
Cranberry Fruit - Keeps "down there" clean and germ free (Honeymoon Disease is real people!)

Don't Diet but Watch Your Diet
I was REALLY hard on myself by the 6 month mark. I had gained about 5-10lbs, and I was so afraid of what was gonna happen. I had to take a step back and realize a few things
1. I was underweight before the wedding
2. I was eating healthy
3. I was HAPPY.
Weight gain after marriage is going to happen. But as long as you are HEALTHY and HAPPY that's all that matters.
But also don't be oblivious to bad choices. Eating out a lot, keeping unhealthy foods in the house, overeating, it can all add up.
Find the balance and go with it.

Find time do something active
I'm not big on exercise. *GASP* Mostly because I don't get any enjoyment out it. I don't have the patience (or extroverted-ness) to work out in a gym. I've always been an "own my own" type of workout girl.
I dance. Now, I don't just run around my house doing random moves and flailing my arms. I legitimately work out by doing ballet/contemporary type dance. Thats my thing, it's what I like to do.
I know married life is busy and if I can get 3, 45 minute workouts in a week that's a good week for me. Just do what you can. But do something.
If you can go for an evening walk. Do it!
Do some Yoga posses before bed.
Bike Ride. Yard Work.
Do something

Keep track of what you put ON your body
Fragrances are HARSH on your skin. Add a new environment and a life change and your body might be like mine and give up on fragrances all together. Be smart, use more fragrance free and non-toxic washes, detergent pods, shampoo, soap. All of this will help keep your body from having a immune meltdown and rashing out.

Do you have any tips for staying healthy at the start of a marriage??? 
I'd love to hear them!

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