When You Can't Buy Organic.....

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Sometimes I think there is a misconception that when living a healthy, natural food lifestyle, organic is the ONLY way you can purchase anything.

While Organic is definitely the best choice there are some exceptions or other options when you are tight on money.

My rule of thumb when making food purchases is if it's not organic, make sure its Non-GMO.

This is so helpful because with the growing push for companies to be more transparent and introduce Non-GMO labels to their products, finding Organic and/or Non-GMO products is becoming easier and easier.

So here are some of my favorite products you can buy that are NOT Organic... *GASP*

Side Note: Like I said before Organic is always better but sometimes not an option.

Orange Juice
OJ is SO EXPENSIVE organic and my husband LOVES it, making it a horribly expensive combination.

So, I was so excited to hear Tropicana was adding Non-GMO to some of their juices. Now I can buy OJ without feeling guilty.

Nut Milk
I'm a little biased cause I love nut milk. Almond, cashew, coconut, you name it I love it. I was reading an article that talked about how choosing milk really comes down to taste and whether or not you have a tolerance to regular milk.

I love nut milk because of the taste. I find it a bit sweater and I while I don't drink it straight up from a glass, it makes for some awesome smoothies....and the kind I buy, are Non-GMO.

Peanut Butter
Just like OJ, Peanut Butter can be expensive organic too. My favorite brands to buy from that are Non-GMO are Smart Balance and Earth Balance. Both have great Non-GMO options that won't break the bank.

Did you know its better to buy local honey then organic? Local Honey will contain pollen to help with allergies common in your area.

Organic honey is kind of controversial. As I was doing research, there really wasn't anything I could find that says that organic honey is better for you. Mostly because it is VERY hard to control the bee's and what flowers they go to to pollinate.

I did see that local RAW honey is the best of the best because the bee's would be pollinating local plants and the harvesting is less processed.

I buy mine from a local family at the farmers market who uses a raw method when harvesting.

Its so good I can't get enough of it.

If you are curious here are some articles I found

I grew up on tuna. I actually shared my grandma's/moms recipe for Tuna Burgers here on the blog.

Tuna tends to get pushed to the side in terms of healthiness when there is actually a lot of awesome benefits to Tuna fish. However, I am a firm believer WILD CAUGHT fish is the best type of fish. Mostly because, I believe, fish should be caught in the wild in their natural habitat like they have been for hundreds of years. (article)

So if you are ever going to have fish or shellfish, make sure it is wild caught and sustainability rated.

My local Publix just started carrying Wild Selections who I've heard has the best canned tuna out there. While its not Organic (you really can't get fish organic ;) ), its certified sustainable! And caught in the way nature intended.

Like I've said before, organic is the best option overall, but when its not doable or affordable, go with Non-GMO. Also! Know the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen when shopping for veggies and fruit.


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