March Favorites *Vacation Edition*

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Phew, I am glad to be back. While getting away to the great state of Tennessee was nice, I am glad to be back in the Sunshine state.

I thought I'd switch up this month’s favorites with highlighting some of my favorites from our trip. I'll try to keep it short and brief, but if you happen to be traveling to Gatlinburg or Nashville soon, here are some of my recommendations.

Most of them are food related seeing we like to eat around when we travel :) 
March Favorites Vacation Edition
To Eat: Cherokee Grill ::
I was amazed that every place we ate at in Gatlinburg had a gluten free menu. Without hesitation or eye rolling, I was given a GF menu when asked. It was amazing.
The Cherokee Grill was our favorite place to eat. It was the priciest of all the places we ate at, but it was so worth it! They have a lot of tasty GF options and even their TN Cheesy grits were gluten free. I was beyond impressed.

To Do: Stop and Enjoy ::
Driving up and around the mountains are multiple places to pull off and look at the scenery. We stopped at the top of the mountain and took in the snow falling on the mountain across the way. It was beautiful. Pictures do not do it justice.

Also To Do :: Ripley's Aquarium ::
This is well worth the money. While it is a small aquarium it has a lot to offer. The hubs and I were amazed going through the shark tunnel. If you get the chance, go!

To Eat :: My top 3 ::
3. Local Taco. We spent a lot of time eating in East Nashville. It was the easiest to get to and parking was free (a big plus). We noticed The Local Taco while eating at the restaurant next door (see #1). It was also the last place we ate in Nashville. The food was amazing and most of the menu was GF, and marked, so it was easy to find something to eat. Their queso was to die for!
2. Mas Tacos. When researching where to go I kept seeing Mas Tacos popping up on recommendations. Also located in East Nashville, this little hole in the wall has some AMAZING taco's. All but 2 of them were gluten free! This place is also cheap too. $3 a taco. Great price and great food!
1. AMOT. The entire menu at this place was GF which impressed me at first. This is the neighbor to the Local Taco where we ate on our last night. When I saw they had gluten free fried chicken I couldn't contain my excitement. The chef has perfected this dish (even the waiter said so). I was seriously contemplating taking a box of this fried chicken home with me.
To Do :: Country Music Hall of Fame ::
Such a beautiful place. We wandered around there for almost 2 hours. So much to see and look at. Even the husband, who isn't a big fan of country music, thought it was awesome. Worth taking the time to do :)
Hope you enjoy some of my recommendations next time you are in Gatlinburg or Nashville!! 


  1. Aw. Love the picture of you too. Looks like you had a lot of fun. So glad you two were able to finally get away!


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