February Favorites

11:59 AM

I technically should have posted this last week but I MAY or may not have forgotten that I started doing this monthly favorites post ;)

February Favorites

Stock Photo Sites:
I quickly realized as I took blogging more seriously that I didn't have the time most week to shoot my own stock photos. As much as I wanted to be original with my photography sometimes that just doesn't work out. I'm still racking up a few favorites sites so if you happen to know of any good ones, I'm all ears!
Here are my two favorite so far:

I received one as a gift for Christmas after months of asking and borrowing my mothers ;) I use it almost all the time. While working, cleaning, and sleeping. Diffusing oils has great benefits! Mood elevating, warding off sickness, improves cognitive function and much more!  I made to graphics a couple weeks ago about my favorite oils to diffuse! You can check them out below!

Alba Botanica Cleanser 
I love this cleanser! It's a 3 on the EWG scale that I use to decide what products to buy (EWG is a great resource showing true toxicity of products). And its only $6 at target! Oh and it smells amazing! I highly recommend!

Lara Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars
I can't go to the store without picking up one of these babies. They are SO tasty and gluten free! A great afternoon snack or to keep in your purse if you start getting hangry ;).  I really like that Lara's mission is to great tasty treats with the fewest ingredients.

Honorable Mentions and Recommendations
Book: Red Queen and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard
Movie: The Intern and Spector
Netflix Binge: Fuller House (get's better after episode 3 in my opinion ;))
Social Media Tool: SnapChat 
Recipe: Lentil Tacos

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