My Favorite Gluten Free Pizza Dough

9:00 AM

I think a lot of people assume being gluten free means a life full of tasteless food. However, in my opinion it is far from tasteless. Some of the best food I've ever had was gluten free. Including gluten free pizza! I pride myself on having tried a good majority of the gluten free pizza and pizza dough on the market in my area.
Today I want to share my top 3 gluten free pizzas with you! If you have any pizza suggestions too let me know!

My Favorite Gluten Free Pizza Dough
These are in no particular order.
Bob's Red Mill
I think Bobs Red Mill is the king of all things gluten free. If you need to make something, they have a mix for it or the flour for it. I think their crust is definitely one of the thickest out there and is perfect for newbies just dipping their foot into the gluten free waters. You can find most of their mixes in your local health food store or even grocery store.

Against the Grain
This is definitely one of the best frozen pizzas you'll find in the frozen food isle. You can even buy just the crust so you can add your own sauce and toppings. The crust itself is just the right thickness and texture that its a perfect base for a gluten free pizza.
I've seen them in both health food stores and grocery stores.

Deland Bakery Pizza Dough
Ok, so I'm like 95% biased that this is a hidden gem that GF Floridians need to find a way to get a hold of. I am blessed enough to live just a couple blocks away from this local market and every Friday the workers know I come in for two things.
1. So Delicious Coffee Creamer
2. Pizza Dough
It's been hard to find a GF pizza that the husbands likes as well. However, this is his favorite by far.

As far as where you can get this. Floridians might be able to find some at local Orlando area Whole Foods (don't quote me on that, I know they stock their bread) but you might need to take a trek to Deland to get your hands on some ;)

Do you have any favorites??
There are so many now it was hard to narrow down to 3! 


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