Little Changes for the New Year

8:00 AM

Happy New Year friends! After a much needed break I'm back!
I can't believe 2015 is over! I don't know about your but life always seems to go by so fast as you get older. I've always said I feel like my life moves faster when I'm in school. The constant work must keep my mind so focused that I don't have time to worry about how the day is dragging on.

I'm not a major "New Year Resolutions' girl. I prefer to just make little changes every year that require little effort and time to be accomplished.
So here is a list of some of my "little Changes" for this year of 2016. I hope it inspires you and I'd love to hear what little changes you want to make!
 Little Changes for 2016

Plastic to Glass:
In my ever growing need to be as green as possible, I would love to throw out the massive amounts of plastic tupperware I have stored in our tiny cabinets. My goal is to buy little bits of glass containers over time this year and by the end be completely rid of the tupperware.

Stock up the Medicine Cabinet:
And not with that gross icky medication. With natural pills and oils! The more natural the better.

Continue to be Organized and Scheduled:
I got really good at this at the end of last year. Being a non procrastinator and taking online classes forced me to keep a scheduler/calendar handy and to schedule my weeks and days accordingly. I felt so organized by the end of the semester it was amazing. I want to continue that.

Be more productive with screen time:
While I can't go cold turkey from my screens because of school and work ( One of my classes this year is Social Media Management ;) ) . I have decided that if I'm not doing anything productive, no screen for me. That means no scrolling through facebook every 5 minuets because I'm board. That was a very bad habit for me in the last year. And if I am going to continue to chose a career that involves being on the internet and social media I need to build a healthy relationship with it and my time on it.

Wear a watch:
Going along with building a healthy relationship with my phone and media, I've notice wearing a watch keeps me from feeling like I need to have my phone on me at all times. Looks like I need build up my watch collection this year.

Build up our backyard:
I love our little house and yard. We have the perfect place for entertaining outside but nothing for our friends to sit on and enjoy. That needs to change. The hubs and I already have some ideas in our head and I can't wait to see them come alive!

Replace Pictures:
I have a few frames that need a little switcheroo with some new photos. It's one of my favorite things to do but I can never remember to get photos printed! Does anyone have any good photo sites that print photos for a good price??

I hope your new year its filled with exciting new adventures! 
I'm looking forward to this year and I hope you are too! 


  1. Those are great goals for 2016! :) My favorite website for getting photos printed is Snapfish! The quality is great and most of the time they have deals going on so its affordable. If you get their app(which is free!) you get 100 free 4x6 prints each month for a whole year! You only have to pay shipping which is usually around $7 dollars for me.


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