January Favorites

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Trying to create a list of favorites is sometimes challenging but a task I am willing to take!

January Favorites

Clean Up Your Carton: I love this article in Rodales Organic Life this month. I will always have a soft spot for chickens. They were my favorite companions when we lived on the farm. If you get a chance, check out why its important to buy farm fresh and free range! Here is a link to the articles. Stay educated and organic!   http://www.rodalesorganiclife.com/food/americas-best-eggs 

My Favorite Egg's to buy are Pete and Gerry's : https://www.facebook.com/peteandgerrys/?fref=ts

Horizon Organic and Gluten Free Mac and Cheese:
First off, after taking photos for this post I realized that my husbands gluten FILLED girl scout cookies were sitting next to my GF mac and cheese. I just thought it was funny.
Side Note: Before you say anything YES I know there are GF girl scout cookies. 
However, the little one we bought them from didn't have them on her list. I will survive.

ANYWAY... This is my new favorite brand of GF Mac and Cheese! Plus, I love that it is also ORGANIC.  Publix has been kind enough as to have this brand of GF Mac and Cheese on sale for the past couple of weeks so I've stocked up! 4/$5 is a pretty good GF and Organic deal!

Sultan Fresh Food Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: 
I went searching for the hummus our local health food store puts on their wraps and I found it. I starting putting it on my wraps/sandwiches at home and I'm hooked. We have been on quite a hummus kick in our house. We have at least 3 cartons in our fridge right now. But who says you can have too much hummus??? 

Ledo's Pizza Sauce:
If you live in the MD/VA area you may have heard of Ledo pizza. If you haven't, you need to find a way to get to one and try one of their great pizzas. This is the pizza I grew up on (well, until we moved when I was 10). Thanks to a lovely family friend I now have 2 heaping jars of Ledo sauce to add to my GF pizza crusts all the way here in Florida. It's truly is a taste of home :) 

pssttt bloggers heading to Expo-East this year, you gotta check out Ledos while you are there! 

Juice Organics Shampoo:
Due to my own stupidity (and my hair dressers/friend shock) I have been hurting my hair (and practically frying it) by blow drying my hair upside-down when I'm in a rush (I don't do it the entire time just FYI). My hair was in desperate need of repair. While quickly browsing Ulta one day I stumbled upon this Shampoo and thought I'd give it a try. It has a good EWG rating (1-3 on most of their products!)  so I was willing to try it. It has been doing wonders on my hair and repairing the broken and burnt ends. It leaves my hair feeling amazing with no greasy residue.  
somewhere deeeeepppp in the Simply Samantha archives is a Juice organic review but I can't seem to find it. 
Probably for the best ;) 

These Pants:
Seriously. The best $10 I ever spent at TJ Maxx. I spend most of the morning in lounge clothes since I'm just sitting at the computer doing work and school work so these are a nice addition to my morning work clothes ;)
if you are curious, they are a deep navy blue. My bedroom lighting is terrible.
And of course Bruno needed to know what I was doing when I was trying to take that photo
His nickname is nosey. 

Honorable Mentions and Recommendations: 
Book: The Choice by Nicolas Sparks
Movie: Spy
A Classic: Bringing Up Baby
Drink: Blueberry Pomegranate by Steaz
For the Pup: Burts Bee Ear Cleaner
Social Media Tool: Buffer
Content Creator to Follow: Casey Niestat

Have any January favorites I should check out?
 I'd love to hear! 

Also a little end note: This semester I am taking a Social Media Managers class. My twitter feed is going to be swarmed with awesome Social Media tips and tricks. 
So if you want a taste of what a SMM class at UF is like, stay tuned to my twitter!
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