Grab Green Cookware & Bakeware Cleaning Pods

8:29 AM

Grab Green Cook/Bakeware Cleaning Pods
This is going to be a quick little review but I need to let you know of a product you need to have in your kitchen cleaning arsenal. I recently raved about Grab Green's natural home cleaning products and I have another one to add to that rave.
These Cookware and Bakeware pods are a gift sent from God. They smell amazing and work wonders.

Funny story. The first night I got these pods in the mail, I had made a pot of rice for dinner and forgot about it. And any cook knows that rice stuck to the bottom of a pan is the worst thing to have to clean.  So, I immediately threw one of these pods in the pot with some warm water and left it while I ate dinner with the hubs. Those little pouches are made with magic. The rice came up so easily and a 10 minute clean job turned into a 1 minute job. They also helped clean up my pie pan from Thanksgiving! Easy and quick!

I know this sounds silly but I think this would make a great hostess gift!
 They make cleaning so easy that any party host would love these! I know I would!

Find them here on Grab Greens Website! 

*Disclaimer* I was sent these in exchange for a review. Opinions are 100% all my own.


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