The Final Stretch and Friday Favorites

10:35 AM

Oh the final stretch of finishing up this semester. Any college student knows that the last month of a semester can be the most draining and stressful.
I am very blessed to be attending my dream school from the comfort of my own home and at my own pace, but that doesn't mean its any less stress-full. I've taken double the class load I have now at my state college when I was getting my A.A, and even with half the school load now, I feel I have more work then I ever had (granted my state college was known for being pretty easy).
I have 3 papers due by the first week of December, plus other miscellaneous assignments.

And add on top of that typical adult stresses, with a low immune system, and I am also now fighting what I can only assume is laryngitis.

So bare with me dear readers, as I reach this semesters final stretch. I've been working on some post's, trying out some new products to share, cooking lots, and looking forward to the holiday season and the creative ideas that *might* turn into blog post if I am not to burnt out from school work.

Now, I don't want to leave you with a boring post about how stressful my life is! I would never do that.
So here are some of my favorite things that I want to share with you.


Oh what would I do without dear Amy's. She helps provide amazing healthy freezer meals for my husband and I on the nights we have commitments and I don't have the time to make a meal. I am personally a fan of the GF/DF Mac and Cheese and the husband love the burritos. They are available in most stores. I love their commitment to making great and healthy food filled with organic, non-gmo, and natural ingredients.

Elderberry Syrup
This was a introduction from my momma and I gotta say I'm hooked. Even though I sadly failed at making my own, every time I head to my mommas and I'm feeling a little under the weather I take two big spoonfuls and it always makes me feel better. Check out a great tutorial here from MommyPatomus.

Ok I don't want to rave about this too much because I need to write up a true review post for these products. But friends, I think I've found my new favorite laundry product. Stay tuned for more! 
Grab Green Natural Cleaning Products

The New Blog Look
I hope you guys like it. I didn't change it to much. I resized the template a tad and created a new logo. The last one just rubbed me the wrong way. This one is just so much cleaner. I'm going to work more on it when school is over for sure. Add some fun side bar items. But until then I hope you like it! 

All the Star Wars Things:
Seriously. Could December 17th get here.
Yes, I know it comes out the 18th, but I *might* have already purchased tickets for the 7pm showing on the 17th....#starwarsnerd

All this new photos, videos, merch, christmas items. The resistance to purchase all the new merch is strong in this girl! I want ALL THE STAR WARS THINGS.

Have a great weekend friends! 


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