Making Healthy Meals That Please The Husband

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I get asked this a lot:
"How did you get your husband to eat that?"
"He let's you make that for dinner?"
or my personal favorite,
"Since you're the only one gluten free why don't you just cook two separate meals?"

To be 100% honest, Steve has probably been the most open minded husband when it comes to my cooking. He's never suggested I make a separate gluten filled meal for him (Thank goodness because that's just to much work ;) ). I feel very blessed to have a meat loving husband that will eat my sometimes meatless and always gluten free meals. There has only been a few meals that I've made that he has protested that I not make again.
They usually contain the following:
Anything with Tofu
and (to my horror because I love it) Spaghetti Squash

And don't get me wrong, even though he is very open minded, I still get the "what is in this" glance from time to time.

BUT if you are struggling to get your husband on the healthy bandwagon, here are some of my personal tips for making healthy meals that please the husband!
Making Healthy Meals that Please the Husband

See what he will or will not eat:
This makes life easier and can make your meals better. You'll never know what he will and won't eat unless you ask. For the longest time I didn't think Steve liked sweet potatoes and chickpeas. Well he apparently likes them if made correctly. Now I have some more tasty options in the meatless department for dinner.

Learn Substitutions:
I highly recommend pinterest for this one. Learning how to substitute unhealthy ingredients to healthy ones is a great way to make a normal unhealthy husband loving meal healthy. For example, I've made a normal (mostly unhealthy) lasagna casserole and I substituted regular beef for pea-protein based Beyond Beef crumbles,cottage cheese for ricotta cheese, and of course GF quinoa based pasta instead of regular gluten filled pasta.. It's MUCH healthier and husband approved. I've also made killer asian meals by substituting the meat in the recipe with heartier vegetables.

Spice it up:
A bland healthy dish will most likely be the reason a husband will not like the meal. Many a time I've heard Steve say,
"Its good but needs more flavor"
Spice it up. I am not a big fan on "hot" spices (unlike my husband who insist's he can put hot sauce on anything), but I've found some awesome blends that are not huge on "hot" and more on flavor. Even if you are like me and my husband and have different versions of spice, find a balance and go with it.

Don't pressure yourself:
I think this tip is always on my list. Mostly because its true. You are going to make "Bleh" dishes every now and then. And sometimes you are going to give yourself an anxiety attack by thinking the entire dish needs to be make from scratch.
There is SO much on the store shelves these days that can help you make cooking a meal quick, easy, and most important, healthy.

Here are some of my favorite "Meal helpers"
Modern Table Meals (easy on their own or as a side)
Beyond Meat (great for quick meals like tacos to to add to your stir fry)
Simple Organic Mixes (spice up your meals)

And don't forget that a little meal prep on the weekends never hurt anyone. It will save you time (and your sanity) during the week.

I hope some of these tips help you! Below are some of Steve's favorite "husband approved" healthy meals. 


  1. This Title match my present condition. I was wondering what makes my husband happy? and this recipe is perfect for my husband. He loved it.
    Thank you.


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