A Floridian Fall

8:00 AM

I'd like to point out as I am writing this I should be working on two school papers about television and radio ratings. But sometimes a girl needs a break to write about something other then TV ratings :P

Ok moving on...

I spent the first 10 years of my life living up north. I grew up in a very unique area of the north, where the hills rolled and farms were abundant. Looking back it seemed more country and southern then some of the places near where I live now.
As much as I pride myself on being a wanna-be Southern Floridian Bell (is that even a thing?), I do miss my northern roots from time to time, especially during this lovely transition into fall.

You see, up north, the transition into fall is graceful and beautiful. The weather slowly but surely descends into the lower 50's and 60's, the wind blows, the leaves change, and the fall harvest begins.

In Florida I feel like fall is a biopolar force of nature you just want to slap and say "MAKE UP YOUR MIND".

This bipolar force of fall nature doesn't really have a stoping point. I'd like to say it decides to become more normal by the end of October but I distinctly remember wearing shorts on the morning of my wedding in late November then 3 days later bundling up in a sweater and boots.

Yup, welcome to Florida.

However, as Floridians we have learned to embrace this lovely bipolar fall whether by not relying on it to fulfill our feeling of fall.
Here are some things I do to ignore the bipolar weather and focusing on feeling fallish.

  • Buy lots of fall candles. I think I own about 4 right now. 3 candles and 1 wax melt. Light those babies up and your house will feel like fall in no time.
  • Where a long sleeve top with shorts. No one south of Jacksonville is going to judge you for it.
  • Participate in your towns fall festival, even if it means being in the sun sweating your butt off and getting rained on 10 minuets later.
  • Break out those crock pots and get to cooking some fall dishes. (Pssttt check out my crock pot recipes here
  • Conform to the man and treat yourself to some pumpkin flavored coffee. There is no shame.

Happy Fall Everyone


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