February Favorites

I technically should have posted this last week but I MAY or may not have forgotten that I started doing this monthly favorites post ;)

February Favorites

Stock Photo Sites:
I quickly realized as I took blogging more seriously that I didn't have the time most week to shoot my own stock photos. As much as I wanted to be original with my photography sometimes that just doesn't work out. I'm still racking up a few favorites sites so if you happen to know of any good ones, I'm all ears!
Here are my two favorite so far:

I received one as a gift for Christmas after months of asking and borrowing my mothers ;) I use it almost all the time. While working, cleaning, and sleeping. Diffusing oils has great benefits! Mood elevating, warding off sickness, improves cognitive function and much more!  I made to graphics a couple weeks ago about my favorite oils to diffuse! You can check them out below! February Favorites Simply Samantha
  Oils You Can Diffuse and Use on Your Dog
Oils to Diffuse while working

Alba Botanica Cleanser 
I love this cleanser! It's a 3 on the EWG scale that I use to decide what products to buy (EWG is a great resource showing true toxicity of products). And its only $6 at target! Oh and it smells amazing! I highly recommend!
February Favorites Simply Samantha

Lara Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars
I can't go to the store without picking up one of these babies. They are SO tasty and gluten free! A great afternoon snack or to keep in your purse if you start getting hangry ;).  I really like that Lara's mission is to great tasty treats with the fewest ingredients.
February Favorites Simply Samantha

Honorable Mentions and Recommendations
Book: Red Queen and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard
Movie: The Intern and Spector
Netflix Binge: Fuller House (get's better after episode 3 in my opinion ;))
Social Media Tool: SnapChat 
Recipe: Lentil Tacos

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