Buddah Teas Review/Giveaway

I love tea. 
There is something about a rainy day and a cup of tea. Even during the summer I find myself drinking a cup of tea here and there.
I've found tea is a great way to help calm my body down after a long day or even too much food.
Buddha Teas has such a great story (which you can check out here). I absolutely love the aspect that all of their teas are organic and wild harvested. They also see teas as a form of alternative medicine for many people (me too!) and that is why they strive to make the teas as clean and natural as possible from the harvest of the tea to their non- bleached tea bags.
To be honest I had NO idea that normal tea bags were bleached! Ewwww! Who wants bleach in their tea?
Buddha Teas Reveiw
(non-gmo, msg, and kosher!)
I was fortunate enough to try the Digestive Nirvana Tea which is a smooth and sweet smelling blend of licorice, fennel seed, anise seed, papaya leaf, and ginger.
A perfect combination to help with tummy troubles.
Buddha Teas Review
It is a very smooth tea but just as you are about to finish a sip there is a mild spicy kick from the ginger. 
While I'm not huge fan of spicy, I found that it really fit well with the tea and I was able to drink it with ease.
Buddha Teas Review

Congrats to Sarah S. for winning a box! I'll be emailing you soon!

Thanks to Buddha Teas for letting me host this giveaway! 

*Disclosure* I was sent a box from Buddha Teas in exchange for a review. 
All opinions are 100% my own

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