If you don't know, now you know

I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Samantha, write this type of post a couple weeks ago and I thought it was so cute that I might just have to do one myself.
Thanks for the inspiration Samantha! You should check out her post/amazing blog here! 

I am super conscious about making sure my groceries are either organic or non-gmo verified. And I know it annoys people.

However, sometimes (emphasis on SOMETIMES) when I am cooking for friends that don't care about organic food or large groups of people I don't spend the extra money and just buy generic food and veggies :o

Deep down I know its horrible but I like watching The Real Housewives shows.

I work as a nanny. Or as I like to call it, Mommy in Training.

I realized the other night as I was sitting around a table with friends eating dinner that I have become that dog owner that makes everyone stop talking to look at their cute sleeping dog in the kennel *face palm*

I always say to myself, "I need to buy more pants and shorts to go with my ridiculous amounts of shirts" but then I just end up buying more shirts

Even though I am technically left handed, I am ambidextrous and can use my right hand if need be. (except when it comes to writing)

I love the idea of sushi but after having a bad experience with it I can't stomach it anymore.

Steve and I didn't share our first kiss till our wedding day.
and yes, just like the Duggars
and no, it was not hard to wait
and yes, I would do it all over again.

Speaking of Steve, we found out at one point we only lived about 40 minuets from each other but didn't know it at the time. Small World.

I lived on a farm for 4 years and consider that the highlight of my childhood. Nothing makes you tougher and stronger then having to help take care of a farm.

Go Gators.

Dance and Horseback ridding were my recreational activities as a kid. I continued to dance on my own for exercise up until I had to become an adult and work all day and now I have no time to dance:(

I've often consider getting a minor in history and or political science because I always did well and enjoyed those classes the most throughout college.

My body must not realize I live in the south because, depending on how sweet it is, my body can't take the sugar in Sweet Tea. I get the jitters. (I hear the gasp's from the southeners all around me)

Speaking of the south. A constant argument between my husband and I is if Florida can be considered part of "the south". I think it can. You just find it in the small towns and away from the tourists.
What do you think?

Those little Halo oranges are my life. 

I have never broken a a major bone.

I have had Lymes Disease, Fifths Disease, braces (twice), twisted ankle(s), and I'm pretty sure I broke my finger at one point. 

I could spend all day on pinterest, tumblr, and instagram. 

I drink one cup of coffee as I get ready in the morning and I drink another cup on my drive to work.

I'd love to know some things I don't know about you! 

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