Hey Everybody!

Feeling a little bit better today. Still not a 100% but I’m getting their. I’m just going to stick to saltine crackers and water today just to be on the safe side.

I had a great and quiet Halloween weekend. My sis and I went to a fun costume party Saturday night.

My outfit was priceless. And I really mean priceless. It cost nothing.LOL.


I couldn’t exactly label my costume it but my friend finally gave a appropriate name for it. Realistic 70’s. Ya, I think that about sums it up :D


Yesterday we just chilled out at the house and watched the great Talladega race with some friends. So, nothing to exciting happened for my Halloween.

Anywho. I’ll be announcing the winner of my “Mark of love” bracelet tomorrow so stay tuned!

OH! And I moved the deadline to midnight tonight! So you have more time to get your entries in! Click here to enter!

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